Owners left high and dry on building defects

The decision last week by Syd Fisher to put the development company behind the troubled Gazebo apartment block into liquidation has exposed one of the major problems many apartment owners face trying to get developers to make good on defective buildings. Fischer’s decision to scuttle the company 2EBR, wipes out $135,000 legal costs awarded to […]

Why apartment residents love and loathe Airbnb

If there is one thing that the members and managers of owners corps both love and loathe in almost equal measure, it’s Airbnb Many of us love the online accommodation agency because, for those of us with the “lock up and leave” travel bug, Airbnb means we can holiday more cheaply in different cities and […]

Wreckers smash short-term rentals insurance

Short-term and holiday letting hosts have been warned they could have no insurance cover if their homes are trashed by paying guests. The issue came to the fore last month when a Canadian couple returned to their house to discover it had been wrecked in what appeared to be a drug-induced frenzy by visitors who […]

Strata law reforms pushed back another six months

Strata law reforms in NSW are to be delayed, yet again, with changes now not due to come into force until July next year. The plan to reform the state’s 50-year-old strata laws was first flagged in 2011 but a series of ministerial changes have hampered the process. As revealed previously by Flat Chat, the appointment of the fourth […]

Block fans warning: DIY renovations restricted by rules and by-laws

With the Block TV show apartments having very successfully gone under the hammer, all over Australia apartment owners are looking at their walls, windows and floors and wondering if a makeover might make them a million dollar profit. The combination of a TV hit and ordinary property prices going through the roof anyway, meant all […]

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Cat poo too yucky – even for parking thieves?

How far can you go when a stranger parks in your parking space? Actually, there’s two questions – what should you do and what can you do, legally? One recent Friday night I came home to find my parking space occupied by a smug little Toyota Prius (and, yes, we’ve got your number, tree-hugger!). Fortunately, […]

What’s not to like about low levies?

There are many similarities between Federal and state politics and strata committees, including that if you promise people lower taxes, they will happily forget about all the services they want. It’s also the easiest way for an executive committee get re-elected: “Look, our levies haven’t gone up for five years.  Three cheers for us!” Except, […]

Your bad habits that drive your neighbours nuts

The big ticket complaints in strata, like pets, parking and parties,  are easy to deal with. It’s the little things that may seem inconsequential to you that drive your apartment block neighbours nuts. Water Music: You love hearing pumping music as you prepare for a day’s work or a night on the town.  So you turn […]

Concrete cancer seminar

SCA NSW (the strata managers organisation) is holding a seminar on concrete cancer on April 16.  A press release says the seminar will cover a range of topics relating from how to identify concrete cancer, the early warning signs, consequences of not acting to get it repaired, through to treatment and other technical information needed to […]

Quiz: When noise annoys

When you live in an apartment, you expect to hear sounds of life from time to time.  But how much noise is too much?  And what about the noise you make that may be driving your neighbours nuts? Try this fun quiz to find out if you are the strong silent type or the nasty, noisy […]