Nude not naughty, just potty

This tale of neighbour annoyance comes directly from the Department of Be Careful What You Wish For. Take a happy little row of modern townhouses where most of the neighbours get along with each other most of the time.  The walls between their gardens are “extended”  upwards by the addition of plant pots and everyone […]

Pool Safety Crackdown Delayed

You probably didn’t realise it but until a couple of weeks ago, a huge number of unit blocks in NSW faced having their swimming pools locked up and even drained  so that owners could sell or lease their properties. After a deadline at the end of this month (April) you would not have been allowed […]

Lost clauses as strata law reform dances on

It’s not exactly Strictly Ballroom but the slow…slow…quick-quick…slow progress of NSW strata law reform dances on, albeit with a few shimmies and sidesteps as the details are fine-tuned. And that means some proposed reforms will be  waltzed completely off of the final draft Bill while other more controversial elements – like the ability of 75 […]

Poo and pee from a dangerous dog upstairs

It’s the perfect strata storm  – a duplex where the two owners have already fallen out and tenants who introduce a dog which then proceeds to spray poo and pee on the poor people downstairs … then grows into a monster Strap yourself in, this is a doozy. “I am a lot owner in a […]

Am I paying my landlord’s bills?

The question of granny flats  and who pays the power bills has been turned on its head by a Flat Chat reader who lives in the main house while the landlord lives in the  building out the back. “When I moved in he told me he has separate meters for utilities eg: gas, electric and […]

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Strata reforms back on track

The strata reform first promised for July and then delayed until later this year is back on track, according to Fair Trading sources. “We’ve managed to get draft Bills quicker than expected and next week we’ll be releasing them for limited consultation for a period of four weeks, says NSW Fair Trading Minister Stuart Ayres. […]

New window on an ageing issue

QUESTION: I live in a building built in 1965. What differences are there for buildings if the strata plan had been formed under the 1973 act in terms of the treatment of common property? – Dyden, via Forum. ANSWER: The significant difference was that the line between lot property and common property was moved from […]

When is a lover no longer a visitor?

When is a someone who’s not a resident, seeping over in strata, not a visitor? When a building’s by-laws say so, is the simple answer. “I have started a relationship with someone and about five nights a week I will stay over at his place,” says Mischa on the Flat Chat Forum. “I usually park […]

What a waste – but who pays?

A version of this article has also appeared on the Sydney Morning Herald’s online pages and in the print edition of Domain. QUESTION: Tenants broke a waste pipe which is attach to the garage wall inside the garage. They hit it whilst entering or exiting the garage.  The owner has asked the Owners Corporation to […]

EC member junks the by-laws

There aren’t many privileges that come with being  a member of an executive committee – unless you actually enjoy being shouted at by angry owners – but there are EC members who take liberties with their only slightly elevated positions. Flatchatter ‘Gin’ wrote to us about an EC member in her block who is using […]