Who pays when a dog turns cat-killer?

Here’s a tragic tale to challenge pet lovers. A dog, which is not allowed to run free on common property, attacks a cat, also barred from wandering on to common areas.  Despite the vet’s bets efforts, the cat dies. Now, asks Flatchatter Matt, can his friend, the cat owner, sue the owners corporation for the […]

I have a complaint – no one’s complaining

It ever there was a group of people who deserved to be called the silent majority, it’s strata tenants. Tenants make up more than half the population of strata units but do they make half the noise?  I don’t think so and I wish tenants would complain more. See, when tenants have problems with neighbours, too […]

Time already up for new unit blocks

Owners who have just moved into brand new apartment buildings may have already missed the deadline for defect claims, according to strata experts, while others may have only weeks to make claims or risk missing out completely. Under the new Home Building Act which comes into force this week, claims for rectification of minor defects […]

Building defects objections too little, too late

The current wailing and gnashing of teeth about the new definition of building defects has come too late to do anything about what is fundamentally a government cave-in to developers and right-wing elements in parliament. As early as October this year, and again in December, we reported that the government was planning to strip away […]

QUIZ: Are you suited to apartment living

In the headlong rush to apartment living for all sorts of reasons other than it’s the kind of lifestyle you want, some people might be en route for an experience where they make themselves and their new neighbours miserable. On the other hand, you might fit right in and wonder why you never did it […]

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12 New Year Resolutions for Apartment Residents

Another year has rolled around and you still haven’t got to grips with living in your block? You’ve got issues, but who hasn’t?  And you have something to contribute – but who’s got the time? Well, without getting all Pollyanna about things, if half the people in your block did some small thing to make […]

No-no notes and the neighbours from Hell

Having good relations with friendly neighbour is a blessing.  But every so often somebody does or says the wrong thing and the nasty  notes start flying around. Here are some examples, posted by a Flatchatter, that show what happens when “them next door” have crossed that invisible line. (Warning: Some of the language used is […]

Party smartly and avoid eviction

With party season already in full swing,  here are some simple ways you can prevent your neighbours all  making the same new year’s resolution: to get you out of their lives. Tell your neighbours that you are having a party – even better, invite them. But at least give them the chance to arrange to […]

Big wins in broadband battle

Would-be commercial rivals to the National Broadband Network have suffered a triple blow in their efforts to preempt the roll-out of the NBN by hooking up high rise apartment blocks to high speed internet services. The federal government has capped the retail charges of cable internet service providers (ISPs) who were hoping to beat the […]

10 ways to lower your levies

The old adage that you get what you pay for doesn’t always apply to levies or fees for apartment buildings. Sometimes you pay too much for what you are getting. Generally speaking, you should be paying your fair share of all your building’s services, whether you want them or not. But are you getting value […]