Flat Chat Live lives

Try to stay calm but … Flat Chat Live is on again.

Yes, on October 25, we are putting on another mostly enlightening and often entertaining forum in which a selection of your questions will be answered by a panel of strata experts chaired by yours truly.

But that’s not all, the Strata Community Australia Owners Day has all sorts of other interesting events, not least the opening session by inspirational speaker Robyn Moore – you can find out more about Robyn HERE.

That will take up most of the morning but there will also be sessions on community building, self-management, defects and how to deal with them, and how to prepare your building for emergencies – physical and financial.

SCA is the peak industry body for strata managers and has been making great strides in the last few years in bridging the gap between strata managers and owners.  You can download the full programme and details of the costs (which include morning tea, lunch and afternoon coffee) here.

And you can send me your curly question – which you may even get to read out yourself by emailing – it, in fewer than 50 words, to questions@flat-chat.com.au.

One topic I’m jkeen top explore is what do we do now that strata law reforms aren’t going to happen for more than a year.  And what are all the good strata managers – and there are plenty –  going to do about all the crap ones.  And what makes a good strata manager in the first place? And is NCAT any better than the CTTT? And …  hang on, this is YOUR chance to ask questions.

Be there or … um … be somewhere else.

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