10 signs you chose your unit well


Last week I wrote about the danger  signs that tell you to give a potential apartment purchase or rental a bodyswerve.  More than 80,000 people read that online in Domain and it’s the subject of a story on A Current Affair on Channel Nine tomorrow night (Oct 2).  Tune in and see why I tell people I have a good head for radio.

With all that negativity around, this week I thought I’d try a more positive angle – 10 sure signs that you chose your apartment block well.  You’ll find the full list on the Title website .

In both instances, you want to stay away from buildings that are clearly badly managed (if at all) and you will be happier in blocks where there is a mixture of efficiency and a sense of community.

But it occurred to me that there are probably other warning signs as well as indications that you have made the right choices that didn’t even occur to me. Anybody want to chip in with their “don’t go there” or, even better, “never leave” suggestions?

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