10 things that say ‘this flat’s not for me’


I was putting together a list for a feature on the things you should look out for when flat-hunting – the elements that should make you run a mile rather than sign a lease or put down a deposit.

I got to ten and I probably could have found a few more.  But what struck me was that almost everyone one of them was an indication that the strata committee wasn’t working  effectively or at all.

Admittedly, there are buildings where the committee has handed over the running of the building to an overworked and underpaid strata manager, or where the majority of owners are short-sighted investors who don’t want to do or pay for anything.

And I guess there are things that some people accept as the norm – like using parking spaces for storage (and then visitor parking for the car) or covering balcony glass with black plastic or bamboo for privacy – that make me think there is something seriously wrong with the way the building is run.

Am I too sensitive, living in my ivory (well, steel and glass) tower?  I reckon any three out of ten things on my list should be reason enough to say “no way”.

Have a look here and see if you agree.

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