Strata insurance just got a lot smarter


It’s a staple joke in just about every cop show – don’t shoot him … it’s too much paperwork.Apple iPhone Fix It Report

We hate filling in forms, don’t we?  And as for the paperless office?  Whatever happened to that?

Well, finally we may be making inroads with the advent of all the various apps you can get for your smartphones.

And our longtime sponsors CHU Insurance hate paperwork almost as much as you do – that’s why they have come up with CHUniverse, the first release of CHU’s free and simple to-use app with its handy ‘Fix It’ feature.

CHUniverse and Fix are intended out the need for lengthy claims forms and allowing you to quickly and easily submit a claim notification with just a few taps of your finger, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Apple iPhone with Fix It Dashboard“Customers now expect information to be easily and readily available to them anytime, anywhere and on any device of their choosing,” a spokesman told Flat Chat. “They are not prepared to wait for office hours to submit a claim or request a quote.”

So gone are the days when snail mail, fax (remember them?) and even emails were the only ways to submit claims and requests. Fix It also allows you to make policy payments quickly but that’s not all.

  • Check It instantly requests a certificate of currency.
  • Agent/Broker Log In is for registered agents and brokers and provides easy access to CHU’s online strata portal CHUniverse.
  • CHU 24 Hour Assist feature allows you to reach CHU’s 24-hour assistance line for urgent repairs.

Work is already underway for the next release of the CHUniverse app with even richer features and tools all aimed at providing solutions for modern living. For more information: visit http://www.chu.com.au/chuniverseapp%20

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