Holding out for a hero: 5 bad strata chairs


As we go to the polls to choose our national leaders, it may be a good time to consider who we elect as strata chairs.  We all need a hero.  Someone who does all the stuff that nobody else wants to do, unappreciated and unrewarded, but gratified that they can make a contribution.

However, others’ motives aren’t so selfless. Here are five to avoid if you possibly can.

DAISY – Do As I Say, Not As I do – is an autocrat who enforces by-laws, real and imaginary, with unyielding rigour while allowing him or herself considerable latitude.

“I do all this work for nothing,” they cry while putting a sticker on your car for parking illegally in the visitor spot they normally reserve for themselves. Role model: Donald Trump.

The DEAR LEADER can’t imagine how the building could possibly survive without them so all their energy is devoted to making sure they get re-elected every year.

Proxy farming is just the start of it.  Scare campaigns, cover-ups of inevitable mistakes and ruthless silencing of dissenting voices are all part of their armoury. The biggest threat to them is other people having good ideas.  Role Model: North Korean president Kim Jong Il.

Fear of change married to a terror of being held responsible for bad decisions are what drive DO NOTHING DON (or DAWN). A living embodiment of analysis paralysis, not only will they refuse to make decisions but they will prevent anyone else from doing so too.  Role model: Sir Humphrey Appleby from Yes Minister.

Closely related to Dear Leader, the SUPERSSAVER gets elected every year on a promise of levies being kept to a minimum.  Forget the fact that the lifts rarely all work at the same time, the building would be a fire trap if it wasn’t so damp because of the leaking roof, and the concrete cancer is beyond terminal; the levies are LOW.   Role model: Ebenezer Scrooge.

Despite that fact that they have never read Fair Trading’s guide to strata living, let alone the Strata Act, the BUSH LAWYER will quote “the law” whenever they are challenged.  But which law?

Bush Lawyer works on the basis of “common sense” then makes it up as they go.  Anyone who has ever peeked at strata law in any state knows that common sense has never had anything to do with it. Role model: A cross between Rumpole of the Bailey and Captain Mainwaring in Dad’s Army.

Who would you avoid electing as chair?  Nominate your candidates on the Forum.

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