Roundup: Sitting on defence


OK, I admit it.  I am obsessed with apartments.  And, considering that I spend every day and most of my nights wading through your problems and complaints, I should be immune to casual criticism of apartment living.

But, no.  The hackles go up and even when a colleague takes a swing at our chosen lifestyle, I have to leap to its defence.

It’s sad.  It’s sick. It’s HERE.  And if you already got to that before you got to this, here’s a selection of what else has been bugging Flatchatters this week.

What’s the deal with strata managers and approved contractors?  That’s HERE.

Any recommendations for a good building manager? That’s HERE.

What do you do when an owner has locked the door to common property under her flat because it’s a “security risk” but it provides access to vital services?  That’s HERE.

It’s started!  Is the RSL buying into an apartment block in readiness for the “collective sales” laws – so they can sell the building and expand their club? That’s HERE.

Bad vibrations.  When the Owners Corp fixed the pool heating, the endless rumblings weren’t just the neighbours’ complaints.  That’s HERE.

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