Roundup: Drones and moans


Sometimes I wonder how closely people read my stuff.  I was criticised by a couple of people for my “dirty tricks” story (below) being pro-airbnb.  Huh? Just because they’re dirty tricks doesn’t make them bad, right?

Apart from that, a lot of issues have been raised on the forum, covering everything from photography drones to strata committee moans … and one or two have even been resolved.

The people who have been plagued by tenants who ignored the building’s ban on smoking may get some relief with the neighbours being asked to move on by the landlord. That’s here.

The developer from Hell has finally realised that he can’t just make up the strata laws as he goes and has accepted the owners’ choice of strata manager.  That’s here.

And then there are some new puzzles that will keep us occupied for a few weeks.

Can a real estate agent just fly drones around our building and take pictured?  That’s here.

Then there’s the scheme that has its own gas storage tank but allows the property manager to resell the gas at a profit to owners. That’s here.

And how do you stop developers buying up units so they can force a minority to sell?  That’s here.

Is there a tile safety slip rating for strata schemes?  That’s here.

A strata classic. A new strata manager is appointed without a general meeting – there hasn’t been an AGM for four years –  and they immediately issue a special levy.  That’s here.

There are a lot more posts and topics on the website – nearly 12 years’ worth – so get on there and have a sniff around.  Use the search button on the Forum – it really works and you never know what you might find.

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