Roundup: Car hits wall, insurer slugs tenant. Who pays?


There’s a post in the Forum this week that should warm the cockles of your heart – but I’m afraid it just has steam coming out of my ears.

A resident in a small block crashed their car into a common property wall and knocked it over. The strata insurance company paid up and the wall was fixed.  So far, so good.

But then the insurer sends a bill to the resident.  Why?  Probably because the driver was at fault and they really should be insured. (Insurers are keen on that … go figure!)

But here comes the kicker – a well-intentioned, good-hearted member of the strata committee wants the owners corp to pick up the bill?

What!?!  The other owners have to pay because Mr or Mrs Dodgem has been skimping on insurance?

Am I the only person in Strataland who thinks this is just a bit over-generous? You’ll find the original post and other, much more reasonable views than mine HERE.

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