Roundup: Book now for the fun and factual Strata Matters owners day


Over here at Flat Chat we’re getting very excited about the Strata Matters owners’ day seminar thingy in a couple of weeks.

Yes, we will be talking about cladding, yes we will be talking about short-term letting, and … oh yes … we will be talking about all the crazies, zealots, trouble-makers, know-alls, know-nothing, ignorant, innocents who populate this wacky world of strata.

The Strata Matters owners day organised by the Owners Corporation Network is going to be fun but it’s also going to be seriously informative and you will go away with a heap of solid facts, shared experiences and practical tactical nous that you can use in your daily strata living.

And it will be opened by the Fair Trading Minister Matt Kean, one of the few politicians in any party who actually ‘gets’ strata.

It’s on March 10 and tickets are going fast, I’m told. Click here to book yours. Remember, it’s the only event to feature yours truly so if you want that Flat Chat Live experience, you know what to do.

Meanwhile, while we’re on the subject of crazies, zealots, trouble-makers and know-alls, here’s the latest questions from the Flat Chat Forum.

Many schemes get it very wrong – so what is the proper format for a strata committee election? THAT’S HERE.
What can I do about a timber floor installed in the apartment above mine without permission? THAT’S HERE.
Committee member spoke to lawyer without authority – then charged $1500 to the Owners Corp. THAT’S HERE.
New strata manager says we don’t need Workers Comp Insurance.  Old one said we did.  Who’s right? THAT’S HERE.
Is the company that checks whether your rented flat has been put on Airbnb without your permission worth the money? THAT’S HERE.

By the time you read this there will be even more strata issues raised, questions asked and opinions offered on the Flat Chat Forum.

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