Forum: Anti-pet chair undermining sales pitch


What do you do when your neighbours actively undermine your attempts to get a decent price when you try to sell your unit?

Nowhere near the same scale as our candidate for neighbour from Hell (see next story) one Flatchatter has a committee chair undermining his sale of his “pet friendly” apartment by putting up signs around the block saying the building doesn’t welcome pets.

The fact is that the seller previously baulked an attempt by the committee chair to get an anti-pet by-law approved and installed his own companion animal.

And it may just be that the anti-pet chair doesn’t want anyone bringing animals into the building.

But the mis-information campaign could seriously affect the sale price of his unit.  What can he do?  That’s HERE.

Meanwhile, because we like to put fresh questions in this roundup, we sometimes lose track of discussions that have been going on for a week or two.

I’m thinking oof a post from a Flatchatter who wanted to know why he was being asked to create a by-law so that he could install double-glazed windows (turns out he doesn’t).

And then there was the question of what to do when the owners corp is planning to replace all the windows, but not with the noise-blocking kind that he wants.

You can catch up with the latest debates on that front HERE.

Elsewhere in the Forum …

  • Unit renovators removed the plumbing stopcock and now the whole building’s water has to be turned off every time their taps need to be repaired.  That’s HERE.
  • My neighbours block my legal renos, even though they have illegal alterations themselves.  That’s HERE.
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  • The latest on the $100,000 difference sneaked in on a Zoom vote.  That’s HERE.

For the past three weeks our visitor numbers have gone through the roof – so rest assured that there will be even more questions and answers on the Forum by the time you read this.

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