Anti-holiday lets group gaining support


Things are getting serious down in Victoria where the We Live Here  movement – set up to curb the unfettered spread of short-term lets into residential apartment blocks – has launched a change.org petition against short term letting in residential buildings. This is the link to it.

“It can also be accessed via our website at: www.welivehere.net and we have a flyer suitable for lift wells and notice boards,” says organiser Barbara Francis.

“Since our launch in December the We Live Here movement has  gained a lot of momentum, with more than 110 buildings and 300 individuals from the greater Melbourne area and beyond already signed up.

“And at last doors are starting to open for us. It’s been a great beginning, but we will know we’ve made progress when the legislators really start talking to us.”

As we are only now realising here in NSW, if your building isn’t zoned residential only – and that could be because you have a cafe and a shop on the ground floor – your anti short-term lets by-laws could be useless if someone who doesn’t give a stuff about community or your quality of life challenges them.

If you don’t want your apartment block turning into a hotel, just so a few greedy individuals can line their pockets, maybe you should think about signing the petition.

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