Big Brother deters dumpers

QUESTION: We have a recurring problem of residents (including departing tenants) leaving rubbish on the street verge and on common property rather than putting it in the bins.

We really can’t issue notices to comply because we don’t have any evidence of who dumped what, unless we employ a policeman or install a security camera to guard around the clock.

I am looking for practical solutions to this problem. Any thoughts would be appreciated. -Clive2000, edited from Flat Chat Forum.

ANSWER: Digital security cameras are incredibly cheap these days – you could set up a simple motion-activated system for less than $100.

They are a great deterrent and, if that fails, very effective when you confront the culprits with evidence of their crimes and misdemeanours.

All you need is a sign telling people that they may be filmed (provided you don’t record audio). Passing a by-law allowing for this might be a smart move too.

Link a suitable camera wirelessly to a computer and sit back and watch (and record) the show then charge a fee for clean-ups (you will need to pass a by-law for that too). Landlords can take it out of departed tenants’ bonds.   Beats peering from behind net curtains any day.

This is by no means an endorsement but click HERE to see the range and prices of cameras available.

And log on HERE for more tales of phantom trash dumpers.

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