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What exactly is common property … and what isn’t?

What exactly is common property … and what isn’t?

‘How come the inside of my front door isn’t but the outside is?’ ‘If the paint on my walls is my responsibility, what about the tiles in my bathroom?’ The Flat Chat Forum gets no end of posts asking us what is and what isn’t common property. Since, for reasons best known to themselves, Strata Community […]

Short-term letting: The Flat Chat position

This is Flat Chat’s submission to the NSW government’s position paper on short-term holiday letting. It is concerned only with strata schemes – people in houses can look after themselves. JimmyT Top Line Proposal (applicable only to strata apartments) Allow owners and tenants to rent one bedroom in their apartment (of two or more bedrooms) […]

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Parking is an issue throughout strata, exacerbated by the fact that you can’t clamp rogue parkers and you can’t have them towed away. Hang on … is that still true? One of the most common complaints is owners and tenants who have more cars than they have parking spaces using visitor parking or driveways. Well, […]

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Essential stuff for strata strife

There are a few forms that people are always asking for so here are some links to the most commonly used ones. A good starting point for all the basics in strata living in NSW is the Fair Trading website and the Fair Trading Strata Living booklet is worth a read too. Fair Trading mediation  is […]

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Model by-laws for new schemes

The following by-laws have been extracted from the NSW Strata Schemes Regulations, gazetted in August 2016 the come into effect on November 30, 2016. Note. These by-laws do not apply to a strata scheme unless they are adopted by the owners corporation for the strata scheme or lodged with the strata plan. 1. Vehicles An […]

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