RANT: How to train your strata committee


We had a small panic attack the other day when we couldn’t find the link to Strata Community Australia’s online executive committee training program.

This is a fantastic facility that every strata committee member should be required to undertake before they even stand for election.

And if they have managed to harvest enough proxies to get themselves elected without having a clue about what they should and shouldn’t be doing, this is where they need to spend a couple of evenings in front of a computer (rather than updating their Facebook pages or watching Youtube videos of cats stealing dogs beds.)

Even if you are not on a committee, this is the best instant guide you will get to how to run a strata scheme (apart from reading this website).

I would even suggest that you put it on the agenda of your next AGM that all candidates for election be asked if they have done this course and if not, why not.

But then, if everybody knew what they were doing, I would be out of a job.

I’ll take my chances.  SCA had moved it but it’s still active and you’ll find the online training program here.  It’s free – but you’ll have to tell them who you are and where you live.

A small price to pay for the power that knowledge brings.


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