Costing your comfort zone

We all know we’re in the middle of  a rental crisis but how much do you get for your dollar when you do find a place?

You’d be surprised; there’s even a flat in the Eastern Suburbs where they’ll pay you to live. More on that later.

The place to start looking for a flat of your own is Domain.com.au, of course. But if the budget’s a bit tight, there are a few flat share agencies on the internet – flatmate.com.au, easyroomate.com, share-accommodation.net, gumtree.com.au – and they all have a variety of living arrangements as well as costs and  potential flatmates.

For $35 a week, you can share a room with a ‘professional Thai lady’ in a five bedroom house in Surry Hills.

For $110 a week you could have one of three beds – rooming with two girls – in a four bedroom house, again in Surry Hills.

For $170 a week you could have your own room in a flat in Stanmore and for $230 you could take the sixth room in a Point Piper Mansion sharing with groovy like-minded 20somethings.

And the one where they pay you?  You’d be the live-in manager for a 40-room student accommodation in Elizabeth Bay. Not for all the money in the world … but if you’re interested, click here

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