New Covid-19 info toolkit for strata schemes


Having been perilously, some might say recklessly slow in factoring apartments into their Covid-19 thinking, NSW Government this weekend issued a “toolkit” for strata committees and managers.

Presented as a PowerPoint document, it includes information, advice and links to the latest posters for display in and around common areas in strata schemes.

One of the new, simpler posters in the Strata Covid Toolkit.

Included in the package is material that can be adapted for strata scheme and service providers’ newsletters and websites, including advice in a number of languages.

There is also a page of the latest downloadable posters that both verbally and visually reinforce the new regulations that mask wearing in common areas is mandatory under the terms of the current lockdown.

“Due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the community, masks are now mandatory in all indoor common areas of residential premises in the Greater Sydney area including Blue Mountains, Wollongong, Central Coast and Shellharbour,” it says on the toolkit’s introductory page. 

“This toolkit contains customisable communication content to help you communicate about this change as well as ways that strata bodies, building managers and residents can stay COVID safe.

“The content includes: New mandatory mask wearing; Stay at home orders; COVID safe behaviours.

“This information should be used in conjunction with the latest updates at nsw.gov.au. We thank you for your ongoing support during this challenging time.”

It’s worth noting that nowhere in the toolkit is an example of the controversial “Mask wearing is a condition of entry” posters, probably because they are unenforceable, at least as far as residents go.

Fortunately, there is plenty of other material that covers both residents and visitors to strata schemes.

If you haven’t received a copy of the Toolkit, you can download it here. We haven’t posted the link on this website as the Government may wish to amend the contents in the coming weeks.

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