Police death crash accused was ‘neighbour from Hell’


The Porche driver who taunted a dying policewoman after a roadside multi-fatality crash may be the ultimate apartment neighbour from Hell, according to a story in the Age and Sydney Morning Herald.

Richard Pusey, currently in jail after he allegedly fled the scene of a crash in April that killed four police officers who had pulled him over on Melbourne’s Eastern Freeway, is said to have driven his neighbour out of his home three years ago, then disrupted open-home inspections, so he could buy it on the cheap.

Starting in 2015, mortgage broker Pusey allegedly waged a two-year campaign of harassment against his neighbours in an apartment block in Mitcham, Melbourne, according to the story, originally in The Age.

When they finally gave up and listed the property for sale, police sources told The Age,  the 41-year-old sabotaged the sale campaign so that he could secretly buy the property himself at a knock-down price.

He is said to have deterred potential buyers by playing loud music during open inspections, tipping over rubbish bins, using a leaf-blower to push litter towards the entrance of the apartment and blocking access to the property by repeatedly parking his vehicle in the driveway.

In late, 2016, the owner received an offer that was more than $70,000 below the reserve. It later transpired that the bid was secretly backed by Mr Pusey, who would later use his company Thanks So Much Pty Ltd to conceal his involvement in the transaction, which settled in January 2017.

Pusey, is now facing charges on 12 alleged offences, including driving at a dangerous speed, reckless conduct endangering life, failing to remain after a drug test and failing to render assistance.

As one of the officers, Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor, lay dying, her body camera captured Mr Pusey saying to her: “There you go. Amazing, absolutely amazing. All I wanted to do was go home and have my sushi.”

Mr Pusey was arrested on April 22. He applied for bail in mid-May but it was refused by a magistrate, who said she held concerns about his risk of committing offences while on bail and about his drug use.

Facing potentially massive legal bills to secure his freedom, Pusey is now selling a townhouse in Melbourne’s East with an asking price of more than $950,000. Property searches by The Age have revealed that he has a huge portfolio of investments worth several million dollars.

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