Dirty looks for nude cleaner

QUESTION: I have a weird one. I work from home and where I sit at my desk I can see into a flat across the courtyard from me.

Now I’m no Peeping Tom but the lady of the house – and she’s an owner, by the way –  seems to favour vacuuming half naked … and I mean the bottom half.

I know I shouldn’t look but whenever I hear the distant whine of her Hoover, curiosity gets the better of me and I can’t help checking to see if she’s doing it again.  She always is.

Here’s my question.  Which of us is in the wrong – her for being on display or me for looking?  And if she catches me, am I breaking any by-laws that might get me thrown out of my rented apartment? – Red-faced, Alexandria.

ANSWER: You’d only be breaking a by-law if you were acting offensively. And even then it would probably require criminal charges being proven.

The simple answer is to avoid the problem. So rather than the Pavlovian response of a quick peek, use the sound of the vacuum cleaner as a signal that it’s time to go and make a cup of coffee and have a Tim Tam.

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