Election connection as OCN faces the big issues for 2019


Last year was huge for the Owners Corporation Network (OCN), the only significant body for apartment owners, run by apartment owners.

Most notably, they were hugely instrumental in turning what would have been potentially the worst short-term holiday letting (STHL) laws in the country into what could well be the very best.

But it’s a new year and that means new challenges, not least the Opal Tower crisis where OCN has been offering advice and support to residents.

Then there’s the small matter of the State elections in NSW where the margins could be so tight that we may well be heading for a hung parliament.

That possibility presents serious threats to strata owners and residents – and some significant opportunities.

If rabidly pro-STHL members hold the balance of power, we could see our hard-won gains eroded. If pro-strata resident MPs hold the swing votes, we may be able to get Airbnb, cladding, Fair Trading and defects sorted out at long last.

Talking about Airbnb, OCN is calling out the global holiday letting platform on its “Astroturf” campaign against Labor candidates who support a register of holiday letting properties.  The Labor party wants a register to protect guests, hosts and their neighbours.  Airbnb doesn’t want a register as that would reveal illegal lets and damage its profits.

The NSW State Election is just one of the topics on the agenda for a meeting of the OCN in Pyrmont this weekend.

Also up for discussion and debate are:

  • Building defects – Opal Tower flow on effect
  • Wider policy proposals to improve strata living
  • Political engagement – past and planned
  • OCN Member input and support
  • A short-term letting update
  • NBN Rollout and its Implications and Opportunities
  • OCN Funding Challenges

The meeting on Saturday 9th at 10am is free to all OCN members but you can rock up and join on the day for only $55.  There has never been a more important time in strata to get informed then get involved.

The meeting is in ‘The Station’ at 58 Bowman Street, (opposite John Street), Pyrmont. Phone 02 8197 9919, email events@ocn.org.au or go to www.ocn.org.au for more details.


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