Fatal flaws in floating floors

QUESTION: We are looking to replace our badly worn 20-year-old carpet and are considering a floating bamboo floor, but I’m very much aware of the possible noise issues.

I have found a underlay, ‘Angel Step’ which looks okay from the data sheet. Does anyone have any real life examples of where they have successfully installed a floating floor and which underlay did you use or would recommend. – theyallexist, via Forum

ANSWER: Some buildings have very specific and prescriptive regulations on how to put floors down, other have none – except for the by-laws that say you must not disturb another owner’s peaceful enjoyment of their lot.

I’m not familiar with the product you mentioned but you can have the highest tech insulation on the planet but it will never be as good as thick carpet on top of quality underlay. Floor insulation is very unpredictable, simply because you can’t tell how the floor and walls will behave.

However, you can put down a timber floor that won’t drive your neighbours nuts – but you can’t do it cheaply.  I was appalled by the bad advice dished out by flooring sales people when we were looking at laying a timber floor, including one idiot who told us to ignore our by-laws because they were unenforceable (not true!).  In the end, it cost about three times the cheapest quote but we went for a company that had done work in our building with no complaints.

There’s a lively discussion on this with some specific recommendations here in this forum.  But how about asking your flooring people for a guarantee that if there are any complaints from the neighbours, they will re-lay it for free?

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