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Flat Chat Diary

Here is a list of upcoming strata information events for apartment owners and renters.  If you have an event for strata residents that you want to publicise, please email Flat Chat is not the organiser of these events and communications should be with the individual event organisers

Canberra Conversation

Kelly and Partners accountants are hosting a Strata in Conversation (ACT), hosted on Friday, August 10 at The Mosaic Room at Hotel Hotel, Canberra. The topic of discussion will focus on mixed-use and the recent developments across the ACT Strata Industry. Speakers will include strata lawyers and members of the ACT government. Tickets are $140 per person (plus GST) .  Get more details by clicking on this link.  Book now as these events are limited in capacity and will sell out.

Strata Choice Free Seminars

Strata choice are running a series of free seminars over the next few months, open to all Flat Chat readers regardless of who their strata manager is. Spaces are limited so log on to the the Strata Choice website and sign up now.

Here’s what they are offering:

August 28: By-Laws & dispute seminar

Our By-Laws & disputes seminar is designed to give you a better understanding on the purpose of By-Laws. We will cover what By-Laws apply to specific schemes, and how and when they are used.  We also delve into dispute resolution and how to best deal with By-Law breaches.

Topics in this seminar include:

  • General overview of the By-Laws;
  • Breach of By-Laws;
  • Solving disputes;
  • Notice to comply;
  • Mediation;
  • Adjudication.

Click on this link to book.

September 26: The role of the Strata Committee

This seminar is geared towards Strata Committee members that may have less experience than other members, and would value greatly from additional insight into their roles, responsibilities and rights within strata management.

Learning with a reputable and acclaimed strata management company will give you the security and confidence that the information provided is up to date, credible and relevant to your needs. Because we deal with Strata Committee members on a daily basis, we are in tune with the areas of concern, relevance and what would best empower our Strata Committee members to feel more confident in making decisions in their strata schemes.

Topics in this seminar include:

  • Meeting conduct;
  • The duties and obligations of the Strata Committee;
  • The powers of the Owners Corporation;
  • The role of the Strata Managing Agent; and
  • Issues relating to risk management for Owners Corporations.

Click on this link to book.

October 18: Strata building insurance & managing finance

Our combined strata building insurance and managing strata finance seminar is designed to give you a better understanding of the insurance policies affecting the owners corporation and owners, as well as an overview on financial matters in a strata scheme.

Topics in this seminar include:

  • Mandatory insurances the owners corporation must have;
  • Optional insurances the owners corporation may wish to include;
  • Does the owners corporation insurance cover inside your apartment;
  • Do you need that insurance valuation;
  • The risks of not having the right insurance for the owners corporation, resident owners, and investor owners;
  • How are contributions levied for your strata scheme;
  • What is a capital works fund plan;
  • Management of levy arrears and payment plans.

Click on this link to book.


City of Sydney – Strata Skills 101

The City of Sydney Strata Skills 101 workshops are suitable for owner-occupiers and renters and cover everything from the hand-over of new units to living with pets. All workshops are free to attend and will be held in an accessible building in the city. They are limited to 50 participants each, so get in early. Visit for more details.




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