Flat Chat goes flat out with a website upgrade


I was wondering the other day how many millions of person-hours we humans spend every day collectively watching the progress bars of internet downloads, the hypnotic wheels of endless buffering or the insolent blinking of a website that says it’s “waiting for …” whatever page you have just called up.

Flatchatters will have had more than their fair share of that recently as this ancient website began to creak and groan like a beached sailing ship.

OK, it wasn’t quite so bad but it was getting a bit slow at times. Now, if you have an already slow internet connection, there’s nothing much I can do about that.

But if you have gone to all the rouble of registering and logging in, the least I can do is make sure our stuff gets to your screen as pronto as possible.

So this week saw a web designer let loose for the first time on this previously hand-knitted website and the results have been little short of magical.

Big thanks to our new NBFs at CJ Web, the site is running faster and smoother than ever. Touch wood.

But things can go wrong and if you come across a glitch, please let us know.  It means we can fix it faster and that means a better service to you and our 5000 weekly readers.

Oh, and this is just the beginning, a new design and some additional features are on the way.

Watch this (much more accessible) space.

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