Flat Chat website: Easier to find, simpler to use


We’ve been doing a bit of a renovation on the Flat Chat website, some of it obvious, some more subtle and none of it involving drilling or jack-hammering.

For a start, at considerable expense, we have now acquired the web address flatchat.com.au – note how the hyphen has disappeared from between “flat” and “chat”.

This should mean that new readers will find it easier to track us down and log in.  It also means that I don’t have to spell it out every time I go on radio or TV.

It’s only taken 15 years, so forgive me if I do a wee seated jig. For the time being, anyone who clicks on the new address will be instantly redirected to the existing one.

However, as soon as I summon the courage to change the root address of the website, it will all be moved over.

The other change makes life easier for you, the reader. You may notice a couple of changes to the top menu bar (just under the title) which now includes the headings “Forum: Your Strata Qs & As” and “Strata News & Views”

The forum link used to be a connection to the Forum home page, from where you’d have to navigate your way to the topic you were interested in.

Now you will see a drop-down menu that will take you directly to the available topics, where you can see all the previous questions and answers on each subject.

The “Strata News & Views” heading does much the same but the items on that menu lead to curated pages of stories that have appeared on the front page of this website for the last decade or so.

I have tried to organise the categories to reflect the main areas of interest but if they don’t make sense to you, please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think might work better.

In any case, I will be fine-tuning all of this over the next few weeks so your responses are absolutely invaluable. 

Please have a look around and get comfortable with it all. This website is for you, after all.

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