Flat Chat Wrap 50 – AirbnBS blitz, pet bans balked, bad neighours

Amazingly, this is our 50th Flat Chat wrap which means we have been doing this for almost a year.

And yet, the same topics come up, time after time, albeit with the occasional (welcome) twist.

For instance, co-presenter Sue Williams has had enough of Airbnb – or, at least, stories about them.  She has a point but when you are dealing with a super-aggressive interloper in the property market, you have to keep tabs on them.

What have they done now?  Well, they have launched their campaign against “red tape” that they say will make it harder for ordinary working families to be able to afford seaside holidays?

What red tape are they talking about?

We can only assume it’s the regulations that will make it easier for holiday let guests to escape from fires and easier for the authorities to work out who’s running holiday rentals. Are they such bad things?

Meanwhile, yet another major inner-city apartment block has had its “no-pets” by-law overturned  and looks to be heading for an appeal.

Sue reckons this has gone beyond the right of owners corporations to establish by-laws banning animals and is now about whether or not strata schemes can make their own rules for living as they wish.

Also this week we talk about the worst neighbours we’ve ever had  and who the perfect neighbour might be.  And we touch on the latest popular names for pets.

That’s all in the latest Flat Chat Wrap

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