PODCAST 60 – Retirees rule, Airbnb lose and flooring fights


This week on the Flat Chat Wrap we ask whether retired business people are the best or the worst committee members you can have.

Based on this column, Jimmy and Sue weigh the pros and cons of people who have experience and maturity, with the fact that they may also be used to getting their own way, are a little too keen to hold on to power when they get it, and often block the appointment of younger owners who want to make a contribution.

Early retirees, with business smarts and energy to burn could be exactly what your block needs. Or they could be your worst nightmare.

In another story, we look at how Airbnb has been touted as the answer to housing shortages in bushfire ravaged towns and rural areas.

And we discuss why the global holiday letting company’s recent financial woes could mean they are about to expand, and come back even stronger.

We hear a word of warning about taking owners to the tribunal even when you know you have them bang to rights on by-laws … because the Tribunal member might not be interested in strata law and by-laws and only sees things thorough the prism of personal ownership.

And finally, if you can’t get enough of JimmyT’s dulcet tones, swing by The Elephant In The Room podcast where he was a guest a couple of weeks ago.

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