Forum: Neighbour throws shade on plan to cut canes


What’s that thing they say about the squeaky wheel always getting the oil?  In strata, it’s more likely to be the loudest voice that’s the only one heard.

However, some rumblings this week are coming from a Flatchatter who’s having most of the light into his flat blocked by a stand of four-metre-high golden canes which are beautiful but very efficient at blocking out the sun.

They belong to the owners corporation and he wants them cut back to about a metre and a half to allow some sunlight into his flat.

Fair enough, but they also prevent owners from peering into a small corner of another owner’s balcony and that specific neighbour is having none of it.

The committee is too timid to defy this particular ray of sunshine so our Flatchatter’s prospects are gloomy, to say the least.

Or are they? We have a solution that will keep everyone happy (apart, perhaps, from the squeaky wheel down below). That’s HERE.

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