From the Forum: $300k levy under cover of Covid


Are some strata committees taking advantage of the Covid-19 crisis to push through extreme measures while half their residents are still struggling to get their Zoom or Skype working ?

One Flatchatter says his committee proposed a $300,000 upgrade of the block’s windows for approval at his block’s recent e-AGM. Then they got another quote for $100k less.

But then that was knocked over in the meeting and owners are looking at special levies of about $10,000 per apartment.

Are they just getting the job done decause it’s long overdue? Or is there something more sinister afoot? That’s HERE.

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2 Replies to “From the Forum: $300k levy under cover of Covid”

  1. Avatar Class66 says:

    We moved into a brand new apartment building and had the first AGM where we were asked to sign a strata manager contract with a 2 year term.

    We advised that we understood that it was a law that an inaugural AGM strata manager contract could only legally be for 12 months. The Strata manager in question (who chaired the meeting) said it was not worth his while for 12 months and insisted on a 2 year contract. We were unsure of the facts and were pressured into signing a 2 year contact against our will.

    We have subsequently been dissatisfied with the performance of the strata management and advised him that we intend to terminate his contract after a 12 month period as his contract is not legal.

    He has advised that it is and he intends to hold us to the two years. His reasoning is that he (deceptively) wrote two sets of minutes, one for the inaugural AGM, and another set of minutes for a GM, the only items being the appointment of the strata managers for two years and a building manager. There was only ONE meeting.

    I would appreciate any help with this

  2. Avatar chercheuse says:

    No, its not legal, you were coerced into signing a contract for 2 years.
    Read the agreement, there is a clause to give notice to the strata manager to terminate management services

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