Forum: “Can’t hear you” on pets just won’t work


There’s an unwritten rule in strata that committees are always less smart than they think they are.

You can file that alongside “strata law is never just common sense” and “your mate’s building’s by-laws probably don’t apply here.”

In this particular case, a Flatchatter has applied to have a dog in a building that already has many pets in situ.

The committee, like kids sticking their fingers in their ears and repeatedly yelling “la, la, la I can’t hear you”, clearly thinks that deciding not to make a decision is the best way to handle this.

‘I mean, if we don’t make a decision, then we can’t be held responsible, right?’

Hmmm … wrong.

When the new laws on pet ownership in NSW strata were crafted earlier this year, they included a “do-nothing” clause. 

You can stick your fingers in your ears and cover your eyes…  or you can read about it HERE.

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