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When strata neighbours start getting snarky with each other, the issues are usually fairly clear-cut.  It could be parking in the wrong place, leaving garbage outside your front door or smoking on common property.

But the concept of “my home is my castle” really comes into play when there is a terrace involved and it’s part of the owner’s private lot rather than common property.

To clarify, in most apartment buildings, the balconies are common property.  That allows the owners corp to dictate, via by-laws, what can and can’t be put on them.

It’s usually pretty straightforward:  no bikes, washing lines or (shudder) barbecues are common restrictions, mainly because of the visual challenges the former present and the antisocial stink from the latter.

But it can go further.  You even can be restricted on the style and colour of your window blinds and balcony furniture, on the grounds that you may not change the external appearance of the block.

However, if it’s a lot property terrace or garden, how much control can an owners corp or committee impose?

One Flatchatter this week complained about a downstairs neighbour who responded to a complaint about the highly visible clutter in their garden by asking if they could build a garden shed in it.

When that was refused, a kids’ cubby house and a full-size basketball hoop appeared (the hoop perilously close to the upstairs balcony).

Now, this is lot property so can the strata committee tell them to get rid of them? And if they can, why is the strata manager taking so long to do it?  That’s HERE.

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