Forum: dad and daughter double act driving us mad


Dealing with rude and bossy owners on your committee is hard enough but confronting the entitled, non-resident relatives of owners is a whole other set of soul-sapping challenges.

This week, a long-time Flatchatter reports that a middle-aged owner is accompanied to strata meetings – general and committee – by her irascible father.

The owner is a member of the strata committee but the father is neither an owner,  resident, proxy holder nor committee member.

Both dominate and bully the other owners, with Dad doing most of the talking. The strata manager chairs the meetings but defers to undemocratic duo while the other owners are either intimidated into silence or don’t care.

And it gets worse. The father intercepts tradies and professionals working on common property and tells them what to do and how to do it, then records them on his phone.

He and his daughter follow up with private meetings with, and phone calls to the professionals, resulting in their reports often being based on false or erroneous information.

There’s not much that can be done about the daughter, but how do you get Dad back in his box?  That’s HERE.

Also on this week’s roundup there’s a mixture of new questions and old favourites.

  • How do we get rid of a nasty committee member?  That’s HERE.
  • If part of a by-law is invalid, is the whole by-law stuffed too?  That’s HERE.
  • Does landscaping of common property – including the removal of trees – require a special resolution vote at a general meeting?  That’s HERE.
  • Can we take the commission the insurance companies pay the strata manager for arranging our cover?  That’s HERE.
  • And a common plea from a long-term Flatchatter whose posts have fallen off the end of the ever-changing “new posts” list … how can I find my previous posts?  That’s HERE.

Yes, things turn over pretty quickly on the Forum. “Favourite” or “subscribe” to the threads you’re interested in and you’ll never be left behind.

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