Forum: Can we turn extra space into more parking?


Among the perennial Flat Chat Forum issues, parking is right up there with pets, parties and parquet flooring.

And among all the parking questions, the most common are probably queries about formalising informal parking arrangements.

You know what we mean … everybody is parking their cars on the common property outside their garages, so can we just make that official?

Or people are using visitors parking for their second or third cars and we hardly ever get visitors so can we just pass a by-law allowing it?

If only it was as easy as that. There are a lot of elements in this, not least just giving precious common property to owners, free of charge.

Seriously, if parking is in demand, than it has a value and that should be coming back to the owners corp through rent or a purchase.

But before that, there’s the whole question of planning. Turning a driveway or even a garden into a parking spot is a change of use. 

And your by-laws can’t supersede superior laws … like planning, for instance.  That’s HERE.

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That’s a bumper bunch of Forum questions, and there are more on the way.  Don’t miss out.

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