Forum: Why are our facilities still closed?


As we emerge blearily from our Covid-induced hibernation, obviously some strata schemes are quicker to get back to normal than others.

One Flatchatter wants to know why the spa and swimming pool in his block remains steadfastly shut while others blocks’ facilities are open. Hey, even Queensland is letting people in.

We reckon there are three possible reasons for the facilities remaining closed.

Firstly, the committee and/or strata and/or building manager don’t know what they’re doing and they are too nervous to do anything in case it’s wrong.

Two, they know exactly what they are doing but they are saving money on cleaning and heating by keeping the facilities shut.

Three, every time the issue comes up, they lack the wit or imagination to come up with a plan that would allow people to use the facilities and stay safe. 

Thus, the keys to the spa and the pool stay in the too-hard basket.

What can a poor tenant do about this?  We have an answer HERE.

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