Forum: Garden gate-gate opens a can of words


It’s good to get a result in short order, especially as strata disputes can drag on for months, if not years.

Last week a Flatchatter wrote to us that a mostly hidden gate on his balcony, which has been there since he bought the unit 15 years ago, had been spotted by a committee member with whom he’s fallen out.

He promptly gets a letter telling him he is in breach of section 108 of the strata Act, namely changing common property without permission.

Now, he believes the gate was installed by the developer at the request of the original purchaser.  But there are no “as built” plans to prove this or otherwise.

By the way, to quell your anxieties, I’m pretty sure this balcony and its gate are on the ground floor. You would hope.

What to do?  Is the committee really going to make him reinstate the gate?

We suggested saying the three words that strata bullies hate most: “Bring it on.”

You can read what happened next, HERE.

Elshere in the Forum

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