Forum: Is ancient wiring too big a risk to keep?


Here’s a question that will resonate with owners in older buildings. When your block’s electrical wiring isn’t good enough to safely power a domestic oven, should the owners corp be obliged to rewire the whole building?

In fact, is it not a fire risk not to do so?

It’s not just the cables – although cloth-covered copper wire isn’t ideally suited to deal with overheating – it could be an ancient power-board that has been fiddled with and fixed up over generations.

When you consider the electrical load on a block in the 2020s rather than the 1920s – TVs, toasters, microwaves, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, computers, phone chargers, heaters in winter and fans and portable air-con in summer and, yes, electric ovens  – it’s probably stressing the load more than a couple of electric lights, a steam radio and a countertop hotplate.

And are ancient fuses more likely to overheat than blow? You can join in or just follow that discussion HERE.

In a similar vein, from another older building, a Flatchatter wants to know if you have to reinstate bodgy additions to common property when you need to rebuild crumbling balconies for safety reasons.

It’s a mess.  Some of these balconies have shutters and windows added to enclose them so that they could be used as laundries!  That’s HERE.

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