From the Forum: Landlady too nice for her own good


There are times when I think some of our Flatchatters are just too nice for their own good.

Take this week’s first correspondent whose tenant has been illegally parking his car.

Now, having ignored several letters from the strata committee telling him to stop doing it,  the committee is charging him with “cost recovery fees”, whatever they are.

But it gets worse. The tenant is now refusing to pay rent until the owner – our Flatchatter – has taken the committee to NCAT on his behalf.

You can probably guess what our response is … and you can read it HERE.

It’s been a bumper week for questions and responses on the Flat Chat Forum – here’s just a few.

  • What can I do about a neighbour who bad-mouths me to the committee and abuses me on common property. That’s HERE.
  • Has anybody bought their common property roof space and extended into it? Has anybody NOT done it, would be an easier question. Your answers would go HERE.
  • Developers are sniffing round our small apartment block in Victoria. Now there are competing bids.  What should we do next?  That’s HERE.
  • Our maintenance fund is growing. Why is our strata manager reluctant to put it into an interest-earning account.  That’s HERE.
  • Is it really possible to get your local council to patrol your car park? That’s HERE.

Questions and answers have been coming thick and fast – must be all those frustrated Flatchatters who suddenly have time on their hands in the holiday season.

Whatever the reason, check out the Forum frequently … or even better subscribe to your favourite topics… and you won’t miss a thing.

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