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Frasier tries to convince his condo board that his illicit door knocker is a thing of beauty

It’s all too familiar… a couple of people get themselves elected to the committee and soon, instead of enforcing by-laws and strata law, they start making up the rules as they go.

In this case, the chair and secretary couldn’t see the need for double brick walls between their flats and the units next door so they removed one layer and installed shelves.

Their neighbours immediately noticed an increase in noise and a decrease in ventilation but these two “disruptors” have no interest in anything as old-fashioned and fuddy-duddy as common property, by-laws, strata law or planning law.

Add complete lack of respect for their neighbours on to the charge sheet – they told them it was none of their business – and you will understand why our Flatchatter is upset.

We have found four rock solid cases over which these clowns could be dragged to NCAT. 

However, it might be more fun to start tunnelling through from the other side, steal some books and see what they think of that.  That’s HERE.

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You are not alone … Even Frasier Crane had trouble getting the nod from his condo board (strata committee).

And finally, we’ve tried to make it easier to log in, register and reset lost passwords.  That’s HERE.

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