Forum: ‘No-pets’ by-laws dead so bans are bogus


While some strata schemes struggle to deal with the fact that their “no pets” by-laws have been rendered obsolete by the recent NSW Court  of Appeal ruling, others seem to have decided to pretend it never happened.

Our Flatchatter Stringer was hoping that the ruling by the Court of Appeal that the no-pets by-law in the Horizon building in Sydneys’ Darlinghurst was “harsh, unconscionable or oppressive” and therefore defunct, meant she could finally get the small dog she had been hoping for.

But her strata committee and strata managers refused the request, saying that the Horizon ruling applied only to that specific case and, since they had no by-law allowing pets, they were not in a position to allow one.

Very cute, but that isn’t going to wash.

The Court of Appeal is the highest court in NSW and its rulings create a precedent for every lower court in the state – all the way down to NCAT.

So, if they pinged Stringer for having a pet, she could go to NCAT and say that the Court of Appeals says ‘No-pets’ by-laws are in breach of the strata Act, so what do you think?

And unless the Member was publicity-hungry and in search of a form of career suicide, they would agree.

Also as far as “we don’t have a by-law allowing pets” goes, well maybe not.  But you also don’t have a legitimate by-law banning them so what’s to stop anyone bringing any animal into the block.

The smarter strata blocks that have found themselves suddenly stripped of their pet-banning powers, have quickly moved to introduce pets by-laws that comply with strata laws, but control the animals when they are on common property.

The smarty-pants in Stringer’s block could find themselves caught with their pants down if owners take advantage of their blinkered approach and lack of any effective rules.

As for Stringer, she wants to know if she has to challenge the strata ruling at Fair Trading and NCAT, delaying her dream of bringing home a little dog.  We think not and explain why HERE.

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