Forum: Parking madness and untraceable tenants


Apologies for leading off on parking issues two weeks in a row but this one is such a doozy that it has even made it to our podcast.

The problems – and there are many – are caused by a number of unidentified tenants who park their cars on common property driveways blocking access and egress to other residents’ vehicles.

Notes on their windscreens asking them not to do so are routinely ignored.

The landlord doesn’t want to know and the tenants can’t be identified.  On top of all that, the committee members aren’t sure if they have to hold a general meeting to issue a Notice to Comply.

It’s a mess, starting with how can you issue notices if you don’t know who the cars’ owners are?

And how can your committee manage a problem when they don’t even know what their rights or the correct procedures are?

There are answers, of course, but the first thing these poor owners might do is get some professional advice on their next step.

That’s all HERE.

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