FORUM: Committee parking pests warned


Sometimes this website just works. A couple of weeks ago we had a post from a Flatchatter who was annoyed that her neighbours parked their cars outside their garages, making it very hard for her to get to hers.

Tough cheese, they said, and being on the committee, decided not to issue themselves with breach notices for parking on common property.

So the Flat Chat faithful got into gear, send her explanations of why the committee couldn’t just decide to do nothing, and what to do about it if they did.

She took the posts and showed them to the block’s strata manager and he sent everyone Notices To Comply.

Now, we think that’s verging towards overkill, but you can understand the politics.  A Notice to Comply is basically just a warning.  It’s not even a yellow card … it’s just the ref tapping his breast pocket and saying “You know what I’ve got here …”

And by sending one to everyone, he gets around the problem of the committee targetting him for targetting them.

We wait to hear if the cars have gone … but at least the wheels are turning. You can read the whole story (so far) HERE.

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