Forum: Tree root blockage leads to a poonami


Boy, you’ve been a busy lot in the past week.  Don’t you have jobs to go to or something? But seriously, this week’s bumper crop of questions to the Forum cover everything from blocked garage access to budgies.

But first, don’t read this if you’re eating breakfast. It’s is one of those nightmare scenarios that create a huge stink in strata, in every sense of the word.

The problem started when some tree roots blocked the building’s sewer outlet and the nasty matter started bubbling into our reader’s flat.

The building’s managers were slow to act, didn’t have the right equipment and then refused to turn off the block’s water so that every time someone flushed their toilet, the effluent tide in the ground floor flat got a bit higher.

Finally, a lot later, the problem was discovered and fixed. But while the building insurer has stepped up, the owner’s Home and Contents cover has a clause that excludes problems caused by tree roots.

So who’s going to pay for all the furniture, clothes and coverings that were destroyed in the poonami (sorry, I couldn’t resist)? That’s HERE.

Elsewhere in the Forum

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