From the Forum: Email address privacy push


The Flat Chat forum has gone nuts this week with what must be close to a record number of new questions, many from first-time Flatchatters.

But there’s one long-running dispute about email addresses, and strata managers saying they can’t be viewed on the strata roll, that has boiled over. That’s HERE (about six posts in).

And there’s a stack of other questions so let’s not waste any time and get straight into it.

  • Does a strata committee chair have executive powers? That’s HERE.
  • My committee says my aircon must be approved at a general meeting but refuses to hold one. What can I do before we melt? That’s HERE.
  • Do we need a proxy form for electronic voting? That’s HERE.
  • My Boomer, car enthusiast neighbour is driving us nuts with his constant opening and closing of his garage door. What can we do? That’s HERE.
  • Can a secretary refuse to list an item on an agenda? That’s HERE.

As we said, there are so many more, equally intriguing questions on the Forum this week … maybe you have the answer to some of them

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