Forum: Reno plan panic, possums and barking dogs


Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether owners are up to something, or they simply don’t know the correct procedures or they have left things too late and are panicking.

I think more often than not it’s a question of all three.

One of our Flatchatters’ neighbours has presented the owners corporation with plans for a massive renovation including moving some rooms to different locations in the floor plan, and adding a lift.

And all of this landed on the secretary’s desk a little more than a week before the AGM.

There are two instinctive responses the owners could make, neither of which is ideal.  One would be to let it through and hope for the best. 

The other would be to say “no way” and send them off with a flea in their ear.

But there’s a third way that allows everyone to get what they want and need but it requires an element the renovator hasn’t allowed for … time.  That’s HERE.

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As ever, there are other new questions and long-running discussion on the Forum.  The best way to keep track is to register, log in and “subscribe” to the topics that interest you most. 

You could even ask or answer a question yourself. If nothing else it’s a (mostly) safe place for a good whinge.

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