Forum Roundup – 80 percent fail quiz pet poser


By the time you read this, the quiz I set on the new strata laws (below) will have been attempted by 4,500 readers.

And it has thrown up some surprising results – not least the very first question about what will change automatically to our pet by-laws.

Maybe the question was too tricky but only 15% of respondents got that right.

The other surprise is how many people were spot on with the question about forced sales.  More than 80% of you knew what percentage vote will be required to force owners to sell their apartments – the question most people got correct.

Ironically, one of the lowest scores (28%) was in answer to the question of how that figure will be calculated.

Another low scorer was the question about who counts as a tenant in terms of the new law allowing the elaction of tenant reps (28%).

Readers were baffled by the restrictions on tenant reps (20%) and only 29% got the question on renovation regulations correct. Hey read this week’s column if you didn’t even know there were regulations.

But here’s the scariest thought: the average score at time of writing was 45%, meaning that more than half the time people talking to you about the new strata laws have probably got it wrong.

Have a go – surely you can do better. And roll on November 30  when the fun really begins!

Meanwhile it’s always fun on the Flat Chat Forum.  Here’s a selection from our recent questions and answers:

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Can you set up an alternative executive committee on Twitter? That’s HERE.

Who pays for relocation expenses when you have to move out so common property can be repaired? That’s HERE.

Declaration of independence! Can you take your townhouse out of the strata scheme? That’s HERE.

Can tenants use business and visitor parking at night when there are no visitors and businesses are closed? That’s HERE.

Oh, and if you are concerned that we might be about to be swamped by airbnb and other short-stay rentals you might want to WATCH THIS.

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