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When we moved into our current building 20 years ago, there was a spate of mystery break-ins with minor thefts, but no signs of visible forced entry.

One of the daily newspapers (remember them?) ran with the story, more of a rumour, really, of a Spiderman thief who was clambering up the outside of the block and getting in via the balconies.

It was a yarn that excited imaginations and played into the traditional, almost pathological, Aussie hatred/fear of apartment living. The truth was, however, much more prosaic. 

The manager, who’d been installed by the developer – I know, I know … we were new to all this – was giving master keys to security guys who were wandering into people’s apartments when they thought they were at work.

The master keys were eventually destroyed – although we only discovered after the building manager was literally chased out of the building, that he had secretly kept back five copies –  and then a new problem arose. 

What if you’d locked yourself out of your apartment? In the old days, the crap manager would let owners in with pass keys for free (but made tenants phone a locksmith).

There has to be a balance between security and accessibility.

This reality came home to a Flatchatter when a neighbour collapsed unexpectedly, and couldn’t move, and it was only by chance that they were able to rouse someone from their balcony.

But even then, the only way paramedics could get in was with the aid of the firies’ “big red key” – a fire axe. 

So how do we keep our homes secure but ourselves safe in case of domestic accidents and incidents?  You can answer that question HERE

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  1. Ray Stanborough says:

    I have one of those small key safes outside.

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