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Let’s be honest, if you’ve ever found someone else’s car in your parking spot, you’ll have been tempted just to park in behind it and leave it there, ignoring pleas to come and release it while you have a cup of tea, soak in a bath or watch another episode of your favourite TV show.

But then you think better of it and go and park illegally in visitor parking until the idiot rogue parker has gone.

One neighbour of a Flat Chatter takes it even further than that, though, becoming a Car Park Vigilante, using his own car to block in anyone he thinks shouldn’t be in visitor parking.

Then of course he doesn’t respond to knocks on the door or phone calls asking him to move the vehicle.

Can he do that?  He ignores all pleas to stop doing it but we reckon there are possibly two state laws and at least one by-law that are being broken.  You can read that HERE.

By the way, the picture above isn’t related to that specific case.  It’s from a story about how an ingenious resident used mechanical skills and special equipment to move a car that had blocked his in for days.  That’s HERE.

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