FORUM: Who pays when a common property pipe bursts?


If there’s one area of strata law in NSW that has always puzzled me, it’s the rule that says, while an owners corporation must pay for the damage caused to a lot during the repair of a common property water pipe (for instance) they don’t have to pay for the damage cause by the failure of the pipe in the first place.

Just to be clear, a pipe bursts in a common property wall and ruins your carpet, the owners corp has to pay for the repair to the wall where they dug a hole to get to the burst pipe.

However, the carpet and anything else ruined in the ensuing flood is your problem. Does that make sense to you?  No, me neither.

This issue also had one Flatchatter scratching his or her head. But there is a potential solution if the owners corp or strata manager won’t even claim against their insurance. That’s HERE.

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  1. benwitham852 says:

    Very serious matter.

  2. fewin says:

    Common prpoperty pipes left me with an $18,000 repair bill and 2 months loss of rent. I had landlord insurance as well as contents. Loss of rent I discovered was based on the value of my contents insurance so ran out.

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