From the Forum: Money, money, money … or not


Unsurprisingly, finances are on a lot of people’s minds these days, whether it’s levies or rent and what you do when you can’t afford to pay.

And then, of course there’s what your owners corporation or landlord does when they don’t get paid by you.

We are all being told to exercise a little compassion – which is absolutely right and fair.  But the buck has to stop somewhere and by that I mean that there will be someone at some point who says that your lack of funds is irrelevant to them.

The “heartless” message coming out from the various bodies is that you can maybe get some leeway with your levies but you will have to pay them at some point and you might even have to pay penalty interest.

Rents are a little different because your landlord might be able to allow you to reduce your rent for a while to share the pain. But even though you can’t be evicted, it doesn’t mean you can waive the rent you owe.

Anyway, there are lots of posts and ongoing, updated discussions about all that stuff in the Forum so I’m not going to list them here.  Instead, here are few of the new posts from the past week.

  • How can my strata scheme budget for a deficit?  That’s HERE.
  • I’m being bullied by my tenants who, it turns out, are serial litigants against their landlords.  That’s HERE.
  • How do we go about buying the unused space next to our flat?  That’s HERE.
  • Our little block has renos going on seven days a week.  That’s HERE.
  • My tenant cancelled rent payments the same day he signed a new lease.  That’s HERE.
  • Committee member ignored by-law on flooring – is taking them to NCAT too much of a gamble?  That’s HERE.

As ever, there are stacks of new posts coming every week.  The best way to ask questions is to register and log in. However, you can always take your chances and send an email to mail@flat-chat.com.au.

We’ll get to the message (eventually) but it’s easier to keep tabs on the answer if you do it yourself. And then maybe you can answer someone else’s question too.


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