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Avid readers of this website may have noticed a new ad appearing on the bottom right of your screens, for LookUpStrata, a “rival” website. This is a result of an ad-swap … they are also running an ad for Flat Chat.

So why would we promote a rival?  The answer is quite simple; scattered through the posts in the Flat Chat Forum you’ll find references to articles readers have found on LookUpStrata, bringing the information back to Flat Chat for everyone to share.

Also, if you Google strata topics, sooner or later you’ll find yourself on LookUpStrata.  I know because I have done so myself.

But the big difference between them and us is that while we are solidly owner and resident based – with most of our features written in-house and our questions and comments from readers – they tend to get most of their articles from strata managers and strata lawyers, albeit with a strong reader connection too.

I’m not going to comment on the style of feature writing, except to say that strata professionals have to be a little more careful in their manner of expression than yours truly.

Sure, there’s a certain amount of overlap but the most important thing is to get the best information available out to you residents of Strataland.

As I said to LookUpStrata editor Nikki Jovicic recently, on the scale of strata commentary, we tend to be more opinionated and they are more authoritative. Put us together and you have a pretty strong combination.

As for their claim to be the “top strata blog”, we’ll cock an eyebrow and let that one go through to the keeper. We’re calling ourselves the “loudest voice”… whatever that means … in strata on our ad .

Anyway, there’s room for both of us and there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly rivalry.

Check them out here … but don’t forget to come back.


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