From The Forum: Broken door battle with a difference


An interesting yarn has come our way via our friends at the Owners Corporation Network.

It seems relatives and neighbours in a block were concerned that one of the residents hadn’t been seen for a couple of days. As far as anyone knew, he was still in the building but there were no signs of life.

Someone had knocked loudly on his unit door, but hadn’t been able to raise so much as a peep.  So they called the local police and fire service, thinking they’d come along with some magic gadget to unlock the door (like they do in TV dramas).

But no, the fire department doesn’t fiddle around with lock picks and in absence of a master key, they used their ‘big red key’ – aka a fire axe – to break down the door.  Fair enough, if it had been an emergency, time could have been of the essence.

Anyway, they got in and the resident appeared, surprised at the sudden intrusion but otherwise he was fine. Why wasn’t he answering his door?  Perhaps he’d been bingeing on Game of Thrones or playing Fortnite with headphones on, or something equally innocent (and isolating).

Anyway, this is where it gets strange.  The resident, grateful that someone should care enough to call triple-zero, insisting on paying for repairs to the door.  But the owners’ corp, glad that he was OK, said ‘no, we called the emergency number, and the door is common property, so we’ll fix it.’

Is this the first time there’s ever been a dispute between a resident and a strata committee where both parties wanted to pay the bill, rather than blame each other?

I want to live in a block with neighbours like that!

Meanwhile there are a few neighbours you might not want to live with, and the turn up on the Flat Chat Forum.

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